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Creative Goals

The holidays always blow through with such a sense of massive chaos that I’m left winded by January.  This year was perhaps even more intense after lots of traveling and house-guests which lasted for just about a month straight.  It’s always fantastic to see everyone and feel the holiday cheer, but there comes a moment when I just want to hermit up in my craft room and take time for myself to create, think and reflect.

This year, I wanted to really focus myself on specific goals for my hobbies because I collect them like others collect carnival glass or postage stamps, and if I’m not careful they’ll fall by the wayside in a tidal wave of possibilities.  So this year I decided to focus on my knitting and set the goal for a sweater a month in 2010.  No, I am not going to attempt to do a fairisle sweater a month, but something reasonable, in a yarn I love and a pattern I truly want to wear.  This is partially inspired by having the worst time finding sweaters this winter and realizing that four warm sweaters aren’t enough to get me through six months of Arctic Tundra-like weather.  Also, I knit so many scarves and socks over the holidays I’m a bit burned out on them at the moment.

January’s sweater is almost done, and as soon as I can get it photographed, I’ll put it up with information on where to get the pattern, yarn and any interesting bits I ran into along the way.  Hopefully by the end of the year I will be a sweater whiz and ready to move on to the next big thing in my hobby life, and who knows what that might be.


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