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So until I get my act together and get photos of my newly knitted sweaters (still on track – February is being seamed now, and March is down to the sleeves and neck binding), you are getting a slightly modified cupcake recipe that I recently whipped up for a friend’s birthday.  I found myself in the position of not knowing enough about her baked good preferences to whip up one of my more quirky options (Lavender Meyer Lemon Cupcakes, anyone?), so I searched and substituted until I found a solid vanilla cake recipe that serves as a reminder that sometimes simplicity is best… and then I can make whatever flavored icing I feel like at the moment.  This time in a nod to winter citrus I chose a light and slightly tart lemon cream cheese icing.

I like moist, light and fluffy when it comes to cakes – not dried out, not sopping with oil, but something that is a few shades denser than a sponge cake that will stand up to icing.  Also, the quality of vanilla used is essential – imitation vanilla extract is a big no-no in my kitchen.  I’m willing to pay a premium for something so understated, yet so make or break to many recipes, so I tend to stick with Penzey’s.  In my mind (and mouth), it’s totally worth it.  With these comments in mind, I present you with my recipe for simply perfect vanilla cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing.



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