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It’s been a bit more than six months since I embarked on my grand adventure to start my life over from scratch, and while this has been an utterly daunting adventure at times I have found myself blessed with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work and persistence paying off.  However, it’s taken me a healthy six months to realize I never spent any time at home anymore doing the things that defined me for the better part of the past five years.  I admit that finding that balance between old and new has always been a challenge for me – the allure of reinvention is simply intoxicating.

However, slowly but surely I found a groove and along with that came a place to sit, a place to eat and a place to really live.  My home is always a work in progress, but this last move is the hardest I can ever remember and I had difficulty even figuring out where to start.  The irony in all this is that I see so many of the fantastic friends I’ve made over the years coming here to the city for completely different reasons, but bringing us all together again in ways I never imagined.

And so, this past week, I did what I always loved and never had many opportunities to do in Arlington – I threw a dinner party.  Lots of things went wrong, but they always do – I had to stay late at work, there was a line at the market, it was sleeting and I was on day eight of my cold (colds always seem to last ten days for me).  So I turned back to the classics and made what I consider one of life’s ultimate comfort foods: Potato Leek (and Celeriac) Soup.

I make no excuses for my unabashed love for the starchy tuber – it is that food that makes me feel human after the world has done its best to strip that from me, and there is something that radiates love and comfort around nearly any and every preparation.  The soup takes around 45 minutes to prepare from start to finish, and is so remarkably simple for something that drips decadence.  Both guests requested the recipe, and so I thought I’d post it here.  Be warned though, when I cook I allow the ingredients to dictate the levels of spices and seasonings, so make sure to consult with your veggies as to what they may need a little more or less of today.



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